Why should every pregnant/breastfeeding mom keep her eyes on breastfeeding benefits?

1. Preterm babies must be fed with breast milk

Babies who are born less than 1500 gm are called very low birth weight babies “VLBW.” And their chance to die from a fetal infection-called Sepsis- is greatly high.

Unfortunately, some formula brands are marketing a special formula for the VLBW instead of breast milk.

In fact, a marvelous study has shown that:

During the first 28 days after delivery, every 10 mm of breastmilk per kg of baby weight found to drop the chance of fatal Sepsis with 20%.

This protection is not only related to baby’s life, but it drops the cost of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit from 20,000$ to 32,000$.


The VLBW babies are mainly fed by tube. So, we are talking here about pumped breast milk where direct breastfeeding is not an option.

Check the next poster to figure out how sepsis can threat VLBW life.

breastfeeding benefits to the very low birth weight babies infographic

Poster from Breastfeedo.com

2. The promising anticancer comes from your breast milk

Yes, it is true.

Your breast milk contains a magical compound called “Lactoferrin.”

Lactoferrin is a glycoprotein which has antibacterial and immune boosting properties.

Recently, researchers found that it has magnificent anti-cancer properties which reach about 80% tumor growth inhibition in mice cells.


3. Breast milk long-lasting protection

Due to its immune modulating effect, breast milk protects your baby later in his childhood period.

The tonsilar lymphoid tissue “Tonsils” of your breastfed baby is well developed and are more infection resistant than the formula fed one.

And the result maintains years later during his childhood, where the child who was breastfed is less frequently going under tonsillectomy “removal of both tonsils.”


Poster from Breastfeedo.com


4. The breast milk of early days is more than gold for your baby

Did you hear about Colostrum?

Human Colostrum is the breast milk secreted during the 2nd phase of Lactation which lasts for 7 days after delivery.

Despite colostrum comes in minute amounts, it is very rich in everything your baby needs in this period.

Colostrum color seems to be more yellowish than the usual color of breast milk where:

  1. Your colostrum contains a high amount of defensive cells “white blood cells” that fight infections.
  2. Your colostrum provides your baby with growth factors which are essential for optimum growth.
  3. Also, your breast milk colostrum is a complete meal for your baby “fats, proteins, sugars.”



Poster from Breastfeedo.com


5. Smoking and breastfeeding

Smoker mom or dad?

So, you should breastfeed your baby to overcome the negative effects of smoking.

The amazing protection that breast milk gives to your baby versus passive smoking is about:

  • Compensation of Vit A, C, and E drop in your baby’s blood
  • Decrease the severity of baby bronchiolitis caused by passive smoking.
  • Also, extended breastfeeding help in preventing smoking relapse.

6. Bigger is better

The bigger your baby’s thymus gland, the better for his immune system.

But what is thymus gland?

The thymus gland in humans is an immune system organ which located between the 2 lungs.

Its vital function is to produce a type of infection fighter cells called T-lymphocytes.

Bigger thymic size means more and more T-lymphocytes which means more developed immune system.

As shown in the next poster, duration and no. of breastfeeding session per day is directly related to thymic size. The difference is clear between the breastfed baby and the formula fed one.



Poster from Breastfeedo.com

Final Thoughts

Palo Alto Medical Foundation conducted a survey of 543 breastfeeding women and they were asked: Why did you breastfeed for one full year?

The most frequent answer was:

1-First: the determination of the breastfeeding health benefits for my baby was the most common factor to achieve one full year of breastfeeding.

2-Second: the support from husband and family was another common factor that motivated those women to continue breastfeeding for one full year.

So, the next post is not for moms only.

It is for anyone to share with any mom or mom to be as knowing about breastfeeding benefits may change the decision of many moms who tend to not breastfeed.

You can also go for the rest of 146 benefits of breastfeeding provided by breastfeedo.com with 25 breastfeeding benefits posters.

The following is a guest post from our friends at Breastfeedo.com. Ahmed and Amr are dedicated in creating informational breastfeeding posts for new moms who want to be successful in nursing their babies. The information presented on their website is evidence-based advice with visual assistance in getting new moms to be successful in nursing. ** All the images shown on the post were provided by Breastfeedo.com.**

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