How To Teach Your Kids the Art of Storytelling

They say that stories shape the way we all see the world. In the old days, stories helped civilizations relate themselves to one another, this is where legends, myths, and folktales were born. Through the art of storytelling, humans have been able to nurture our social experience and foster kindness within ourselves. That’s the magic of storytelling! Barefoot Books is all about storytelling. Their mission is to teach kids to learn how to tell great stories, too.

Do you want to spark your child’s imagination? Do you want to continue his/her learning while they are on their school break?

The Barefoot Books’ Build-A-Story Cards comes packed with 36 colorful cards. The beautifully illustrated cards will delight kids into piecing together creative and engaging stories about dragons, castles, magic potions and more. These cards are the perfect tool for Homeschoolers, Teachers, Daycare providers, and parents who want to keep their kids engaged in learning during time off from school.

Stuck on what present to get your child? The Build-A-Story Cards would make a perfect present for that child in your life.

The cards come with instructions that include more than 30 games which are designed to teach children the basics of storytelling and it will assist and enhance their writing skills, with a focus on social-emotional learning. The Build-A-Story Cards decks were created by Barefoot Books own early childhood development expert, Stefanie Paige Wieder, MSEd.

Reasons to Get The Gorgeous Cards:

    • CREATED BY AN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION EXPERT: Includes more than 30 games crafted by an education specialist to build social-emotional, literacy, sequencing and problem-solving skills in children.
    • SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING: The 8 red character cards each show a person or animal experiencing an emotion for children to identify. Piecing together stories with the cards prompts children to imagine why a character might feel a certain way or how characters might develop friendships and resolve conflicts, preparing them to understand their own emotions and handle social situations with confidence.
    • WRITERS’ WORKSHOP: The robust instruction booklet includes directions for activities that help children understand basic story elements, as well as prompts for creative writing activities. The cards themselves are color-coded to indicate characters, objects, and settings.
    • HANDY DECK FORMAT: The Magical Castle Build-A-Story Cards are 36 sturdy, versatile cards designed to withstand travel, frequent solo or group play, and home or classroom use.

How to Use the Cards

  • Lay down three to six cards, where there is a character, an object, and a setting.
  • Ask the child to place them in an order that would make sense for him/her.
  • The order of the cards should have a beginning, middle and an end. Just like we learned in school (a subject, verb, and a predicate).
  • Ask the ‘W’ questions (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How), to guide him/her in telling the story.
  • Discuss with the child what are the characters doing.
  • Help him/her predict what can happen in the story and find the cards that match this.
  • Make connections to real life events of what is going on, in the laid out cards. This is the perfect time to work those socio-emotional skills.
  • Ask your child to describe the reaction or emotions of the characters. How would he/she feel if in the same situation?
  • Assist your child in providing a solution to the problem that is happening in the story and provide a real-life event.
  • Ask your child to tell you the story. Assist him/her if having problems, and repeat the same storyline until the child starts getting used to how he/she can retell the story. Repeat the process again with other cards.


Credit: Taken from another Ambassador in our Annual Conference for Barefoot Books Ambassadors


Ready to start with your child on an adventure with your imagination and create wonderful stories?


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