5 Ways You Can Be a Superhero to Your Children

Each child on this planet has a role-model and a superhero they admire. Some are actual superheroes such as Superman or Batman, others are actors or singers. Since the biggest wish of any parent is that their child looks up to them and perceives them as the most important person in the whole world, it’s safe to assume that they will do everything they can to make this wish come true. Take a look at the five best ways to be a superhero to your child.

Listen to them and agree

The most important thing that you can do for your child is not to patronize them very often. It doesn’t matter how old the child is, listen to them and agree with what they’re saying. Each child has a universe on their own, and trying to fit in and acting like you understand them (or actually understanding them) will definitely give them a special feeling. Moreover, listen to what they’re saying to other people, and try to put yourself in their shoes. If you think that their opinion is wrong, try to acknowledge it first and then nicely explain why you think they should change your point of view. Making them feel equal to you and talking to them in the same way that you talk to your friends can boost their confidence and they will look at you with totally different eyes.

Let them make small decisions

Of course, you won’t let them make any decisions that are not appropriate for their age, but letting them choose the meal they will eat once you go to a restaurant can do great things for their mind. Let them decide what they want to do, or what pajamas they’ll be wearing tonight. These small things do not play any role in your own life, but they can mean the world to your child. They will feel more independent and it will enhance their confidence a lot. And if it happens that they make the wrong decision, let them do it – they will learn from their mistakes at a young age.


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Reward them

Instead of being negative and punishing them for every single thing that they do, reward them every time they do something perfectly. There are children who don’t react well to punishment, but every child will do their best when they see that they will be rewarded with, for example, the best hot toys they want. It’s practically the same as with you and your boss – you don’t like being punished at work for something that you did, but you definitely perform better if they encourage you with rewards. Not only will you be making your child a better person, they will love you and respect you even more.

Teach them about money

Kids love to behave like adults, and that is why you have to make them feel like you regard them as such. One way to show this to your children is by teaching them about money. Don’t just give them pocket money – let them earn it whenever they do something that’s good for the household. That way, you will let them know that they need to work if they want to get money to buy candies or chocolate. Also, encourage them to save money so that they can eventually buy something bigger.


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Encourage them to follow their dreams

Don’t let your child grow up and be angry with you for not letting them follow their dreams. Each child has one, and it’s very important to let them express themselves through whatever it is – art, music, sports. If they want to be politicians at an early age, don’t discourage them. This will not only break their heart, but they will probably feel bad to share their dreams with you in the future. Listen to them and acknowledge their dreams.

All these things will help your child become a better human being, a more independent one and they will definitely learn to appreciate the small things in life. Moreover, they will perceive you as a superhero – which was your goal from the very start. Be their friend, not their enemy. And sometimes, be their friend, not a parent.


Are you ready to take the challenge and be a superhero for your child?

Leave me a comment, and let me know how these tips helped you!


This guest post was written by Claire Adams, a personal and professional development expert who believes that positive attitude is one of the keys to success. You can find her online writing and giving tips about lifestyle and development as a regular contributor to highstylife.com. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter

5 ways you can be a superhero to your children | Barefoot with Maria


  1. Evie at

    Being a role model to your children is so very important. I love taking my younger sisters out to show them the world. It’s so important for their spiritual and emotional growth x

    1. Maria at

      That is awesome Evie! Us big sisters are role models as well. 🙂

  2. Mandy at

    Great post. This become very important to the ADHD child, too. Having some sort of control such as making a small decision has a big impact!!

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