10 Tips on How to Make Time like a Boss and Read to your Kids

The Struggle

I get it, we are all busy. I have a lot on my plate as well. Therefore, my question to you is… Do you want to read to your kids like a boss?

Having two little kiddos under 4, working full time, then getting home from work to make dinner, clean, feed and take of my dog, take care of my hubby, the list goes on and on and on… and it doesn’t seem there is any time left in the day to read.

When I got pregnant with my kids, after many years of trying and having fertility issues, I made a goal for myself that I was going to read to them every day, even if it was 5 mins.

I am not going to lie, its hard, but I really have to put the effort in getting this goal done. My goal is for my children to love reading.

I grew up watching my mom and aunt read All. The. Time. It was and it still is something that they pretty much enjoy doing every day.

Before I had children, I used to read a lot, but life gets in the way. I have shifted my type of reading.

I used to read 7 book series (Harry Potter anyone?), then it was the Twilight series, all the Jodi Picoult books, and the list goes on. Now my list consists of reading children books (thanks Barefoot Books), blogs, and magazines.

At least I am reading, right?

Making Time To Read To Your Kids

child reading | barefoot with maria

So, here are some ideas on how to make time to read to your children every day.

1. Create a routine to read every night at least one book. Sometimes my daughter gets so motivated that we venture into reading 2 books!

2. Start reading one (1) day of the week, then increase it to two (2) days a week, and so on, until you reach reading seven (7) days a week.

3. Let your child pick the book they want to read, this motivates them in reading, and they will look forward to reading time.

4. Have your significant other or another family member that lives with you to take over the reading one night. If you are a single mom, have your child read to you.

5. Set a designed space/area for reading.

6. Set an alarm on your cell phone for reading time.

7. Set a goal for the month on how many books you want to read, and keep that goal.

8. Join a kid’s book club. This is a big motivator for early readers, they will see that other people enjoy reading as well.

9. Go to the library for free reading time.

10. Have fun! Remember you need to set an example for your children. If they see that you are hesitant in your reading schedule, they will follow your lead and do the same.

Do you have any other ideas on how to make time to read to your children? Also, read my post about 10 tips on reading to your children.

Comment below and tell me those ideas! 💕

girl reading |barefoot with maria

10 tips freebie for reading to your kids
10 tips freebie fo reading to your kids


  1. Candace at

    This was right on time for me! I need to start reading to my 10-month-old more often. No excuses.

    1. Maria at

      That is GREAT Candace! I am glad this post came just in time! Have fun reading to your baby!

  2. Kate Findley at

    Although I’m not a parent, I am a teacher, and I definitely applaud what you are doing!

    1. Maria at

      Thank you Kate! That really means a lot to me!!

  3. Rebecca @ Boss Single Mama at

    My kids are 9 and almost 11 and we still do daily read-alouds, although we’ve transitioned from Frog and Toad to novels. The other day I wondered how much longer they’ll want me to read aloud to them because I really enjoy it! It’s great being able to share books I read as a child with them and dive into new stories together.

    1. Maria at

      Love this 1,000%! Keep reading aloud as long as you can!

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